Accepting submissions

I am accepting submissions for poetry, essays, short stories (fiction or nonfiction), photography or art for our next open access/print journal. I would like to elaborate on this post. All content submitted and if accepted will be published in print (on demand). I will not be sending out free copies however, the digital version will … More Accepting submissions

The Conversion of Wally Walters by Arturo Desimone

Betraying my Hebrew lesson, enraging old Elijahu I looked upon a bronze Ethiopian cross, it contained a hundred other crosses and an optical illusion, as if the crucifix whirled in concentric circles. ”Copernicus was an Aethiopian!” where did I hear that Shibboleth? Not in Nazareth? A theory that would Please Crazed old men with toothy … More The Conversion of Wally Walters by Arturo Desimone