Accepting submissions

I am accepting submissions for poetry, essays, short stories (fiction or nonfiction), photography or art for our next open access/print journal.

I would like to elaborate on this post. All content submitted and if accepted will be published in print (on demand). I will not be sending out free copies however, the digital version will be available for free download. This website just like this entire project is self-funded and a labor of love. : ) I do not have a set date for publication right now, once I have enough content that I deem fit/worthy for a volume I will announce the date! If you would like to share book reviews, author/poet interviews, political pieces, they are welcome. For political pieces, no bashing or crazy pieces will be published. Only respectful intellectual discussions, even though I lean democrat/liberal, I entertain diverse ideas and mindsets.

There is no particular theme for the volume, themes often emerge from the content people share. I like to watch that emerge.

Thank you!

Sana R. Mitchell, Ed.D.


Featured post

Special Feature: Photography Series by John Sevigny

“One hundred years after Lewis W. Hine started work on his Ellis Island portraits, I wanted to document Latin American immigrants, hoping to give faces to the catch-all masses lambasted by Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan, and others who equate immigration with crime. This collection of portraits of Central American immigrants was taken at the Belen Posada del Migrante, a shelter in the northern Mexican city of Saltillo.A subplot of this project is immigrants’ desire to travel for the sake of traveling. Many immigrants—particularly the males—who get to Saltillo do not continue their journey to the United States, but return to their home countries. Many seem to have found what they were looking for on the road, or decide to interrupt their journeys for fear of crossing the dangerous US-Mexico border.” –  John Sevigny

John Sevigny is a photographer, teacher, writer, and curator, who lives in Mexico.

Future Directions of Indian and International Economy – An Audio Interview

The following audio interview has been provided by our international news correspondent Muhamed Riyaz.  Muhamed interviewed Garry Jacobs regarding the economic growth of China, India, and the global status of debt crisis.  Garry Jacobs is the co-founder of Mira consultancy,  California and a Vice-President at MSS research center, India, which engages in social science research in economics, development, and security.  He is a senior research fellow of The Mother’s Service Society. He is an American-born consultant on economic development and business management with over 35 years of experience working on development, employment and business strategies in India. He earlier served as Assistant Secretary of the Society from 1974 to 2007.

In addition Jacobs represents the society as a Fellow and Trustee of the World Academy of Art & Science, an international NGO established in 1960 with 600 distinguished Fellows from around the world (see He is also Chairman of the Academy’s Committee on Peace & Development issues.

This interview has not been published previously and was archived by Muhamed in his media library. The interview took place in Garry’s cabin at ‘The New Indian Express’ newspaper office while he was working as a Chief Revenue Strategist.   According to Muhamed, “His (Garry’s) analysis during that time (of the interview) on the future economic growth of India and China has proven accurate beyond doubt as the predictions for the global economic state of the 21st century slowly materialize. Garry’s viewpoints are also relevant at present with regards to the American debt crisis.” My audio Interview of Economist & Business consultant Mr.Garry Jacobs by Journalist Muhamed Riyaz

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