Accepting submissions

I am accepting submissions for poetry, essays, short stories (fiction or nonfiction), photography or art for our next open access/print journal. I would like to elaborate on this post. All content submitted and if accepted will be published in print (on demand). I will not be sending out free copies however, the digital version will … More Accepting submissions

Remembrance of Blue Roses by Yorker Keith

Yorker Keith’s debut novel Remembrance of Blue Roses, a beautiful love triangle, is written with a touching poignancy. The novel’s plot revolves around Mark, Yukari, and Hans who share an interesting bond that begins through friendship and concludes in a love-triangle leaving the reader restlessly anticipating the outcome of such a connection. Mark and Hans … More Remembrance of Blue Roses by Yorker Keith

Book Review: Displays by Gary Beck

Gary Beck’s “Displays” is an important work of poetry in contemporary times of political, cultural, and social chaos that reflects eloquent abstractions and details of complex problems from a clear and insightful vantage point. One cannot escape the authenticity of Beck’s vision in capturing the minute details of the human condition that continue to worsen. … More Book Review: Displays by Gary Beck

Book Review: Ring the Sycamore Sky by John Swain

A debut poetry collection written by John Swain, Ring the Sycamore Sky transports the reader into a lush, primitively embalmed atmosphere of human and natural instincts.  Agape at the grotesque monstrosity of love and the complex fragility of human emotions, Swain expertly weaves a rich tapestry of unusual poetic flair combined with myriad emotional and … More Book Review: Ring the Sycamore Sky by John Swain