Lowball by Stephen Jarrell Williams

Between your toes cool ooze
Teasing hot night
By the river killing sin
You let him unbutton
Your dress falling
In a puddle reflecting the moon

Into the water with him at your back
He’s the school rabble-rouser
You wear everything low cut

He does you twice
Not feeling the mosquito on his cheek

He’s the right size
You’re the prize
He’ll always see you that way

And an owl hoots somewhere near
A chill of the future makes you shiver
Wondering if he’ll still like you
When you’re old

And the doubts come floating down the black waters
Magnifying this night of runaways

Is it all a game
That we have to play?


true heroes by Linda M. Crate

passes as an amazing achievement
it seems
anyone finds any reason to celebrate,
life is short;
but why should we salute the mundane
on the back and ignore the
real achievements
the ones that have been worked for 
for years and months and weeks?
too afraid to offend anyone
we offend everyone
because when you stand for nothing
do you really deserve to
i tire of all the gophers being praised
for things they always should have
let us salute the true heroes who fight for their
dreams and achieve them.

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