Eve in Duplicate Searching for New Horizons by Ali Znaidi

Beads of food vapour shine on her body.
She reeks of garlic & onion.
But she is proud of her rudimentary state.
Glossy lips & mascara shine.
She smells ambrosial after having a shower.
But she is proud of her artificial state, too.
Caught in the in-betweenness
of the rudimentary & the artificial,
her eyes now glitter w/ intellect,
& act as a stroboscope
studying a body of theories
that only tries to locate her in
this in-betweenness—
an inn w/ out windows.

Oh I Thought by Charles Bane, Jr.

Ends of the Earth-Portrait-Ad3
Oh I thought
you were gone,
but then I solved
the algebra in the
unconscious memory
of the stars and
I heard you breathing
in and out. I can’t
bear leave taking
of your single soul;
if you are a cosmos
fast asleep, imagine
the ferocious eternity
blinding me. Imagine
me following every
stream, every worshiper
on his knees or
accelerating at abnormal
speed at CERN until
we appear in reality.

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