Things Thought On The Treadmill by G. David Schwartz

 1. Am I going too fast?
 2. Am I going too slow?
 3. Just where am I alit to go?
 4. I am sure glad I have legs
 5. It sure looks cold outside.
 6. It sure is hot in here.
 7. When will I remember to get on a treadmill near a clock;
 8. I wonder what it is like in New York today?
 9. I wonder how long I can stand.
10. Two plus eight equals more.
11. Life and love both begin with the letter L. It seems they are equivalent.
12. I don’t want the window open. A bird may fly in or, shit, a bullet.
13. Anything and everything can be seen as a dirty word if it is said against anyone.
14. Where will we go when it goes into snow. I hate snow, I hate the cold, I hate
……getting or being old
15. Where can I get some homemade oysters?
16. Walrus?  I thought you said walnuts.
17. If anyone says the saw something interesting an bin talking and do not inform
……you whether, for example, a chicken sweater is a sweater for
……a chicken or a swather made out of chicken they are not being clear.
18.  If the story of temptation is the tale of formulating our free willed reliance on God, rather than snake healing the story also shows the
…….error underpinning the total responsibly of God. If free will is a fact, it is total responsibility — not omnipotence — which is problematic.
19. How can Eve be blamed for eating the fruit if before eating she did not know the (difference beaten) good and evil. Or that there even was
……a distinction. Is this not a point that the Master of the Universe ought to have made clear to them?
20. We have gotten us out of our country. We have survived the treats of welcoming others in. We are in the midst of preparation. Life is ours!
21. Aside from being polite and considerate what else is the struggling family members to do.
22. Between the udder fluidity of a child’s speech and the poetic speech of a creative individual
— from thought openness to disguise
— the child is ambiguous in fluidity
— the creator ambiguous in fluidity
But surly not all artist conceal. They reveal behind the backs of society.
23. Am I going too fast?
24. I hate the cold, despise the frigid, am, unable to use my hands and feet properly and wish for a glove to fit my ears and my nose.
25. If it seems fortuitous I believe that you and us ought to get a dictionary simply and just to see what fortuitous really means.
26. An abuse of free speech is, in part, the denial of another to speak freely. But this is not basics as very few offenders actually deprive another
……his voice altogether. The abuser frequently demands the victim to speak.
26. If they want a thank you
……be glad to do it
……we cans think this backwards
……But then you’d have to chew it
27. In a democracy one votes self interest. insofar as one votes for his of her personal concerns one is not truly a one issue voter. For example,
……I cannot vote for a candidate only on the grounds of his stand on abortion.  he may have many other concerns than that one. And I
……cannot absurdly vote for a personal society which only regulates for or against abortion; that is, I cannot vote (or ought not vote) on the basis
……of any single issue alone.
28. Every man and girl has a bottom and most have a top and before I offend some man I guess I’d best just stop.
29. Truth comes out of some books of fiction, and errors are surely in factual books.
30. Signing a letter is an autograph. Those who receive the letter are audience. The sellers of the letter, the pen, the ink the post office are enablers.
31. Our most cherished liberal sensibilities run against the line of reasoning as do our common sense phraseology
a.) “Live and Learn” e.g. gather more experience and education to open up possibilities and more amenable and efficacious actions,
b.) The more one knows about “alien” cultures the more one can realize that
i. We are all similar human beings, even if it is enactment is varied.
ii. “Alien” beings are not detrimental to our own praxis.
32. All nurses are pretty. Its their job which hints their attraction.


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