make a mockery by Linda M. Crate

they poison vegetables and other food
producing sterility
so one day our children’s children
won’t have any more kids
i say we burn them on the flames of their own misguided ambitions
let the torch of liberty smolder their greed
and unfair population control
i cannot be the only one that doesn’t want to die
why shouldn’t all men be considered worthy to live and breathe?
a government shouldn’t decide who is unworthy of such a thing
men are not gods, and one day their arrogance will be
punished so why not punish these heathens now?
these swine so enamored with themselves and their control of us,
i say we cut the umbilical cord, think for ourselves
let their wisdom fall on deaf ears
until their humanity and fears show
then make a mockery of them as they have us.

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