allegorical beasts by Leo Schulz (Book Review)

allegorical beasts by Leo Schulz


Leo Schulz’s allegorical beasts is a stunning journey through erotica, love, desire, and a confluence of poetic wordplay and fantastical dark brooding imagery reminiscent of the Shakespearean era. Distinguished by five separate sections that address differing themes, Schulz has written sonnets in neo-traditional style reflecting creativity infused with restless desire and exploration of le sexe féminin. Schulz’s writing is reflective of masterful poetic narration that brings the reader into a voyage of exploration of erotic adventures as if the reader was the poet himself and was experiencing the moments described.

The five sections in allegorical beasts consist of: Sonnets from the Sea, An Imitation of Dante, The Devil Writes to A Woman Who Loves Him, City of Solitude, and Love : A Confession.

A word of caution, allegorical beasts is not for the weak hearted or those with moral qualms toward blatant authorship and creative expression. Schulz does not hesitate to express thoughts and desires rarely communicated (writing or vocally) for public viewing. I recommend allegorical beasts as a feast for the senses that the reader will hardly regret.

allegorical beasts can be purchased by clicking here.

Leo Schulz lives in London, UK.


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