Acquittal by Rhiannon Thorne

Won’t you leave me?  I will love you more than if you stay, transfixed to the point of reference, our bodies melding a sad, soft sublime, the back spine of a little universe blown out like a crafter’s hot glass, the growing moment, the wonder, the expansion before a chill.

allegorical beasts by Leo Schulz (Book Review)

allegorical beasts by Leo Schulz Leo Schulz’s allegorical beasts is a stunning journey through erotica, love, desire, and a confluence of poetic wordplay and fantastical dark brooding imagery reminiscent of the Shakespearean era. Distinguished by five separate sections that address differing themes, Schulz has written sonnets in neo-traditional style reflecting creativity infused with restless desire … More allegorical beasts by Leo Schulz (Book Review)