Interview with Jolita Kelias: The Maker of Impossible into Possible

Time and again, we get used to hearing from people at least one good quality of some total stranger to them who may be either ‘Great’, ’Expert’, ’Motivational’ or an ’Inspirational’ character. But most of those may act as such only in their public lives, but in reality, when we have a closer look, their actions could be quite contrary to what we believed. Hence just imagine, what could be your reaction, if you find out a rare personality in life who has all these qualities cultivated into one, apart from being very rich in character and also with so much humility? Will not you feel graced and wish to know more about such a person?

Then know about Ms. Jolita Kelias from Lithuania, who leads her life as an independent journalist, writer and author. She is a multi-talented person in word as well as in deed. She is currently based in London, United Kingdom. She has been awarded twice as the Best Young Journalist in the years 1999 & 2000 in Lithuania.  Apart from all these, when, in this modern world, where almost everyone is in the blind business of following the selfish ‘Rat race’ on just doing some kind of work or making money somehow without thinking the why’s and how’s of life, which might give permanent happiness, Jolita, instead dedicates her life in finding people with hidden unique talents and exposing them to the outer world using the help of social media and her personal blog. She inspires others through her own example of living life to the fullest, enjoying life as it is, creating life of her dreams, being better and greater than she has ever imagined. Within this context, she has also published recently a free e-book titled WORDS FROM WITHIN, which was first launched in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also suggests ways to transform lifetime dreams into reality for so many people across the globe through her social media fan pages named ‘Dreams That Came True’ and ‘Jolita Kelias’.

Dear readers, myself, Mr. Muhamed Riyaz, an Independent Journalist and bloggist since 2000 feel so privileged and proud to introduce Jolita’s view points to you for the first time. Since, she is the one who always interviews and writes about others, I guessed now her time has come to be talked and read about for the greater good of humanity. I can proudly and in humility proclaim that she is one of the greatest among all those eminent personalities in life whom I have interviewed over the course of time. I was able to conduct with her the following wonderful conversation on being uniquely Inspirational to all, starting from her first.

[Note: Jolita’s e-book WORDS FROM WITHIN can be downloaded for free from her website ]

Interview Q&A

What were your childhood dreams and ambitions, Jolita?

I dreamt about making the most of my life. I dreamt about fulfilling my purpose, expressing myself creatively, travelling around the world, hugging all and everyone with the deepest love anyone could feel, acting as an example of making impossible things into possible, living life to the fullest and never taking No for an answer. I dreamt about realising myself in every way possible, but I also knew that with every step I take, the growth will take its place too, the path will be shaped and the rough diamond, which is me, within time will be polished into its most brilliance.

What about your family background?

I was brought up in a small family consisting of my twin-sister, me and our mom. We grew up as very independent, strong-minded, hard-working and at times naughty young ladies. My mom did her best to be patient with us and did all she could to keep us warm, fed and safe. My sister developed skills in music, she sang and also played piano, and I chose the art of dancing and writing. As a single mother, our mom struggled each day to provide for us, for herself, but her strength and ability to keep going even in the most extreme situations inspired the same sense of being and living in my sister and me. We grew up as determined, independent and confident women.

How and when did you get connected to your career as an inspirational writer and journalist? 

I guess, when I was born. However, I truly felt it when I was about 3 years young. I remember, I was holding a book upside down in my hands. It was written in Russian language. My mother was sitting on my right side. I looked at that book in absolute amazement trying to understand all the symbols which my mother managed to read and understand. I asked her, how come she knew how to read. And she answered to me saying that when I begin going to school, I will learn to read and write too. Then again I looked at that book with even greater amazement and declared to my mother: “One day I will write books too and they will be read by many people around the world.” And so here my journey began…

How did you find out and ‘Aligned’ with the true purpose of your life?

Since childhood I knew and felt deeply from within that I was meant to do something big and great, so I never thought or dreamt about anything else except what my calling was. I knew I was to belong to people, to work with people, to travel the world, to be an example of making impossible into possible based on my own experience. And believe me; life has been shaping me for this path quite well, at times without any mercy.

How do you overcome obstacles in life?

Oh, I have been facing many challenges especially since 2007 after giving up a well paid job for my soul’s calling. Challenge after challenge seemed not to leave me after I made that crucial decision to follow the path of my heart – to write, to create, to connect to people, to travel and to bring the message of hope and endless possibilities. Life has been testing me very well, indeed! I overcome those obstacles one day at a time with great faith in Life and myself. Please do not think that I do not experience moments of doubt. Oh, I do, every day! And every day I push myself forward. During the moments when I find myself too tired or too weak someone else comes into my life, picks me up and in their own way reminds me my purpose.

Also… sometimes I even ask myself: “Jolita, what keeps you going? What makes you so determined?” And the only answer I receive is that when the ball starts rolling, there is pretty much no way to stop it, and believe me I have no intention in stopping it. I can be very stubborn at times, especially if I believe in what I do or say and if it resonates with my own feelings and experience. I am enjoying my journey no matter what. You know, it is so nice to see how things effortlessly align to serve your purpose, especially when you see so many people benefiting from it. To me it is the best reward possible. So I keep walking…

How do you deal with your Ego in general?

We communicate. I say we, as when I step aside and look at it, I see 2 beings in conversation – I and myself. So those two communicate in the best way they can.

However, what is ego? I do not look at it as a bad thing but as a servant which is serving its purpose for everyone. Now it depends on me how I look at it and how I use it. I stopped struggling with it, it is a losing war; instead I embrace its purpose and message and make the best I can at that given moment and at that level of wisdom I hold within me. Struggle on this matter is useless. Growth…that is the most important thing on the path of your purpose and self-discovery.

How do you self-heal and heal others at the same time?

I heal myself, my inner wounds by loving myself, accepting myself as I am. Hence, we all know that at times it can be quite challenging to love ourselves as we are. It is not the easiest thing to do, because we tend to see so many flaws in ourselves, and to come out of that vicious self-criticism circle can be quite tricky. Another thing that helps is by surrounding me with kind and loving people who help me lift my wings. Meditation also can be very helpful, as it contributes vibes of enormous healing. And one more thing…taking some good rest. Taking a good rest at times can be absolutely crucial.

I understand that if I cannot help myself, I cannot help anyone else; if I do not love myself as I am, I cannot proclaim that love for anyone else; if I put myself down, I cannot lift you up.

As I say, we are a human chain making each other’s dreams come true. We are each other’s angels.

How do you evaluate other cultures in the East and the West as being raised and deep rooted in the European culture and Belief systems?

I accept the difference and I appreciate it for as long as no one is hurting anyone. Life is more interesting that way. However, I also understand that we are all made of the same flesh and blood. Just because we look different or have different ways of being and living, it does not make us less or more. If we truly look at our human biological tree, we would see that in truth we are all brothers and sisters. We are one huge Family.

Do you feel everybody has to think out of the box and also with broad-mindedness on ‘World affairs’ rather than ‘Individual’ and ‘Family’ interests?

Everyone is thinking out of their box as much as they can and choose. Just the truth is my mind-box probably is a bit different from yours and yours from mine, and that is ok. There is nothing you should or must do. I think and act based on my level of wisdom and the same with you. What might be wise for me, for you might look silly and vice versa. And that is ok.

Who has greatly influenced you in life?

Of course, one of the greatest influences in my life was always my mother. It does not really matter how I grew up or how we communicated or whether my childhood was happy or unhappy. The truth is, that the first teacher I received in life was my parent, so in this matter my mother was my parent and teacher and one of the greatest influences in my life.

If to look outside the family tree, then another person that truly fascinates me is a worldwide known personality for her inspirational and humanitarian work – Oprah Winfrey. I truly respect this woman. It is beautiful to see how one soul’s belief in the goodness of others can immensely create a positive difference.

My own slogan is that ‘I am interested in people who make a positive difference in the world of others starting from themselves first’. If I want to make a positive difference, I first begin that change within myself and only then open window and look at my neighbour.

There are other amazing personalities that inspire me as well, people that I work with and write about, everyday people. Also people like Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, President Barak Obama, Lithuanian former President Valdas Adamkus, and many many more.

What was your ultimate ‘Turning point’ in life? Could you elaborate on that please?

One of the turning points in my life happened in summer 2007 when after a long period of emptiness I felt within my being I suddenly awoke to my life’s purpose. That’s when I made a decision to leave a well paid job and immerse myself in creative writing. I gave up a job, I gave up a chance for a career that did not fulfil me, I turned my back on life as I knew it then, and I gave up financial security… By many people I was called mad, no one supported my choice and I blamed no one and I leaned on no one and at that time nothing and no one could stop me. I could not bear emptiness any longer. I needed to express that sleeping creative energy within myself that screamed to be let out into the world. I decided to write a book. In July 2008, I completed it in English language and in April 2009 I published it in a limited edition.

The ball I pushed forward eventually began effortlessly rolling by itself, and now things are simply happening and I am getting busier and busier each day. I love what I do. I love seeing who I am becoming. I love watching how magnificently the path in front of me uncovers itself. I love connecting with people. I love travelling and spreading and giving the message of hope. I love sharing creativity that so profoundly expresses itself through me. Now I feel I am living my purpose. I feel alive. I am grateful.

The meaning of LIFE has been defined by so many sages and gurus, but how would you put across the same?

The meaning of Life… To live Life as I always wanted it, dreamt about it, hoped and reached for. To live it to the fullest, and it does not mean to always smile and be happy. It means to accept all the colours of Life. It is important to be kind to yourself and to others.

What are your future plans for career as well as for the service of Humanity?

To do my best, to live my purpose, to walk the path I have chosen, to live and love Life to its fullest, to make mistakes and learn my lessons, to grow from within and continue to dare to open my inner world to my readers, to serve as well as I can. To be the true me at every given moment, so I could be true to You. To make sure to bring more inspirational and creative characters into the public eye, for I believe that the more positive energy is spread around, the better people and the world becomes, even if just one step at a time.


Please allow me to add some things I feel a great need to say…

Riyaz, I appreciate all those wonderful things you said and written about me, however, the truth is I truly do not feel I am the greatest and or the most wonderful. I am walking my walk and as I like saying “I think I am simply Perfect. I am so perfect in my IMPERFECTIONS that it seems to me no one can reach my standard.” However, I do feel truly blessed for meeting people like you and creating these beautiful connections and being able to spread the message of hope and love. Thank you for joining me and being a part of this bigger plan of Life…

Mr. Muhamed Riyaz: It was nice to have a very healthy conversation with you on various aspects of your life and life as in general. I hope this piece of valuable information in the form of your natural and unique answers would serve as a benchmark to re-evaluate the current path in life of all others who wish to correct themselves and as an ‘Inspiration’ to people from ,all walks of life. Thank you for your valuable time.

Interview conducted by Muhamed Riyaz
Staff Writer & International Correspondent
July 04, 2012

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