There are few who swim against the currents of time, living certain majestic smolderings and alien strengths as if they have died to live forever. There are so few who are like the vortex of a midnight river and the slope of a cosmic edge, in whose singularity and declivity the age is gone. There are fewer who are like a solid, unnamed, stepping stone in the heavy currents of the age of false light and enlightenment; as a generic revolutionary praxis goes, they’d rather be so black and coarse — solidly ingrained and gravitating — than smooth and merely afloat. But fewer still are those who are the thunder for all ages and in all voids: they are not grounded and sheltered on earth — they terrify it –, nor do they hang and dwell in the sky — they split it –: that light, so very few can witness its pure blinding longitude and touch its sublime density, is the truest Sensation (Sight-Sense, Causation-Reason) for real humanity to be the exact thing at the exact time in the Universe: itself.  – by Daniel Luis Indranu

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