Who Comes in that Hour of Darkness by Doctori Sadisco

by Doctori Sadisco

I am a worm in the Tequila of politics.
I am a spider in the wool of the sheep.
I am the hook which drags my species toward wakefulness.

I am the love of life inside every coward.
I am the phoenix inside the boiling egg of enlightenment.
I am the courier of the ancestors in spirit.

I am the thought which precedes action.
I am the calm center of all rage.
I am the empty space inside the box.

I am the artful face of the clown.
I am the healer of all agony.
I am the knife which cuts the anchor’s chain.

I am the infant in your womb.
I am the wise man laughed at as a fool.
I am the unabashed delight of a playful child.

I am in the beginning and in the end.
I am the smile of forgiveness lost in anger’s storm.
I am the open window you had closed.

I am the leaf blown by the currents of time.
I am the time to get up and get ready.
I am the wind which settles upon the still waters.

I am vanquished fear and love.
I am the thief who steals only sadness.
I am the eagle of the light of dawn.

I am a window into your own soul.
I am the electric spark igniting freedom.
I am the unmasked presence of the future.

I am who comes in that hour of darkness and terror.
I am the feared shadow inside the living shell.
I am who comes after the silence of oblivion.

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