Poetry by Sonnet Mondal

Musing on the sea shore
by Sonnet Mondal

I sit on the sands of the sea-shore and
I am not idle,
Not to let the perfect atmospheric balance close its doors
From which wonders may arise and fall on the sandy floor.

For the last one and a half rounds of my analogue clock,
I have built one and a half sand domes.
In the next half an hour, I will complete the second block.
I pray to the sudden wild winds and the chasing waves, to keep them intact.

Years after, perhaps I will come here again;
Then the old age would replace youth.
I would never wish my works, imaginations and nostalgic therapies to go in vain-
For each moment when I would recall those two sand domes,
They would create innocent virtuous images in my brain.

Dried Lips
by Sonnet Mondal

You are giggling today, looking at our separation.
You said we are like sands, discreet without water.
We were bonded through the juice of love;
You introduced the convention
Of long summers which absorbed our blood
and filled us with witch’s potion.

Broken winged birds, devoid of feathers –
We have turned; you were right to compare us with sands.
None betrayed us, we ourselves were foolish slaves and labours,
For we believed in fate; Our lips were closed.
Before us lied waters.

Sonnet Mondal is the author of six books of poetry including a poetry bestseller and is the pioneer of the 21 line fusion sonnet form of poetry. His works have been published in several International literary magazines and have been translated into Macedonian, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu and Bengali. He was awarded Poet Laureate from Bombadil Publishing in 2009, Doctor of Literature from United Writers’ Association in 2010, Azsacra International Poetry award in 2011 and was inducted in the prestigious Significant Achievements Plaque in the museum of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur. At present he is the managing editor of The Enchanting Verses journal of poetry.

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