Poetry by Chris Mansel

Movements of the Coast
by Chris Mansel

seawater, the difference between circling planes
wanderings and piano rolls of bleached white ink marks
interstate opal ring-like faucet openings, neurological spiral waves
places where an ocean can corridor itself into a beach head
watched of low frequencies reciting
the contours of nearby cliffs

Opaque missions read aloud, details, photographs
refrigerant, where image spirals breaks out of cultivation
detecting a horizon, seawater in the hands
ambient cylinders open mouths the internal rim clear

icicle in a curtain

america and the disgust
by Chris Mansel

of a hundred mouths
pouring over one angel
who had been
thrown from the clouds
into a debris of garbage
and filth
the severed wings
hiding a seeping of holy water
irritating out like blood
the body torn apart immediately
the next morning
having been blanched
was devoured

Rural Raining
by Chris Mansel

Milky white stained glass reflecting the river’s current
As I pound my head on the converted stairs
Piloting an empty room that contains
The fear of sobriety
(The illicit and illegible)
Bitten fingers
Hurrying into the photograph
Enzymes, the equivalent of a
composer’s savant
Emanation of purity lost in the
sacred song reverberating
from the limestone
An evaporation,
possessing shapes

“the junkie considers the way
an animal loses himself in nothing”

harness, the mystery of the delta
ammonia and other derivatives
(Johannesburg (a length of dwindling twine)
A stretching of life easily unmoved through
the graves of soot and lime
emitting up from the graves
that washed away
fibrous literature permeating
in the mirror turning cold
the stomach, thought closed to
material, tools of the autopsy
death translated from the French
opens as a toadstool to
elaborate a flower

psychologists turning litmus
paper over and over against
his skin
discrediting his birth,
suspending medical marijuana
seeds from a bath of
stone and wheat
while the rhythms of autism
percolate in his home
the voices of Treblinka stabbing
through the raised, uneven steps
attending a psychopaths
opening of sculpture, blood and clay
anomalous water
through mobiles
in a breezeless hallway

The useless embroidery
of collapsed veins
The dark earnings
of fragile eco-skeleton
the rural raining
of a crime scene misplaced
by the southern writers
guilty of the victim.

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