In the Real Forever by Doctori Sadisco

IN THE REAL FOREVER by Doctori Sadisco


It is an age reflected
in pyramids of cardboard
and cities of glass and steel
disintegrated in a flash.

One day
you will know only the fields
and your city;
then you will plumb the depths
of the seas and space.  Allowed to,
only because you’ ve discovered
that you must take with you
your little piece of air.

Breaking out of the confines
of all this ‘structure,’ this change,
we discover the indestructable self
throughout the depths
of Time,
as if Time were a veil, a
veil made impenetrable
by ignorance, and
because you cannot see
what is as real as a rock
but more invisible
than the air.

The Soul
has its eye on many lifetimes,
many dimensions.  Deathless,
and always alive, we learn
that the story is continuous,
and that there isn’t a today,
or yesterday, or tomorrow,
but that Time fans out
into a beautiful spectrum
in which there is only Now
and It is Infinite.  There are only
hardships created by our smallness.
Fear is vanquished.  Pain
is accepted or transcended.
Death is no more ordinary
than a door: and we are freed
to discover
the unobstructed regions of ourselves.
Here, insight becomes a window
one can look through,
or a door one can walk through,


The Present
becomes Timeless —
and filled with variables.  We are
creating the World
unwittingly.  Our thoughts become
Reality, but the process
goes unrecognized,
except in flashes
of insight.  Thought’s power
is Creation.  We
Think the World into Being, molding
into substance
whatever we desire.  We think ourselves
into being what we are:
for we are the products
of our thoughts and desires.

We see only that
which we wish to see
and call it “the World.”
The doors of our senses
into physical dimension,
drawing all focus
into materiality: when
looking out to the stars
or “searching the soul”
we come upon
the True Expression of God.


We are unconscious gods
making a World, then not knowing
how colossal
our achievement is.  We forfeit
responsibility for Creation,
for it appears as chaos
and hardly manageable.
But our inventions work
and our achievements possess
an aura of importance,
and the environment responds
to the directives of our minds.

Reality becomes a portal
opening in every direction,
and wherever we go
we continue to experience
in the same fullness,
with the same vitality
we feel right now.
Like Arjuna
upon his chariot
you may have to decide
whether you wish to die
limited by an idea of Oblivion
or lift aside the veil
of narrow thinking
and experience
whatever kind of reality
awaits your coming.


It is expressed
in the Tau te Ching.
It is explained
in the Vedic texts.
It is presented clearly
in the Bagavdghita.
It is drawn out
in ancient mysteries.
It is symbolized
in Egyptian Heiroglyphs.
It is demonstrated
through Healing Power.
It becomes a Realization
through the Tarot.
It is dramatized
in Shamanistic ceremony.
It is embroidered
as a Tanka.
It is encircled
as a Mandala.
It is unveiled
in Ritual Majick.
It is a message
coded into the Bible.
It is made manifest
by the Quabalistic language.
It is wrought in stone
as the Great Pyramid at Gizeh.
It is the Huna
of Polynesia.  It is
Stonehenge and Avebury
on ancient alignments.
It is the High Self
of the World.
It is witnessed
in Meditation.
It comes
in a Realization.
It is danced
in a thousand Yogas.
It is an Alchemy
of Transformation
felt by everyone.  It is
embodied as the Crucifixion.
It is the open door
through which we greet
the Soul.  It is
our task as warriors
in a struggle.  It is
the Breath of Infinite Being
awakening in our hearts.



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