Rings that the Rich Wear

Rings that the Rich Wear

by Sana Rafiq

I am constantly appalled when I happen to read news or hear from media sources that some public figure got engaged and their ring was worth so and so million. How disgusting is that? We must have a global security force or money watchdog that would control such useless spending on items the size of a pebble, when this same amount of money could be spent feeding the starving and poor people in third world countries or creating jobs for the jobless in the US&A. Why of course we have relaxed in our personal riches to sit behind our nice cars, nice homes, computer screens, and dole out dirt on who did what (media), who needs to do what (politicians), and what happened to me today that everyone should know about and remember to eternity (celebrities).

Practically speaking a human being does not need a lot of money to survive. We must follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and begin with the basic essentials, the need for shelter, clothing, food, sexual fulfillment, and gradually rise to fulfilling the need for self-realization. The last need mentioned is probably the rarest to accomplish by the majority of homo sapiens who tend to get mentally disfigured by the time their basic needs are satiated and they have established themselves professionally or financially in society. Mentally disfigured yes, because they operate out of a dysfunctional social and moral paradigm that is based on distorted values of greed; questions such as who has more, how I can get ahead and stay ahead tend to govern their daily thoughts. When absolute cavities have enveloped the souls of such people, they are now officially recognized as the go-getters or super-achievers of the community.

Their super-achievements are marked by which female has what brand of handbag, where did she buy her dress from, and what is her bank balance. Such females tend to oscillate in their social life on the basis of professional and social networking: this is a very interesting phenomenon whereby people gather in a selected location, dressed well and smelling well, in the hopes of intruding other similar people’s personal circles by demonstrating a pretentious zeal toward their pursuits. The networking theory can make any mediocre individual appear to be well-versed with intellectual and professional acumen, however it is a scam, and thus everyone is scamming each other while no one actually possesses an iota of the aforementioned elements in their cognition. Their cognitive rooms are not boarded, they are empty, and the windows closed, the shelves and furniture moldy and full of dust.

As opposed to self-development, which is such a rigorous form of metaphysical workout routine, that it leaves one with cramps for the rest of their lives, people are much content with choosing alternative routes that afford them a zero-cramp lifestyle with all the similarities of a legit intellectual who is no better than a woman with a Botox-induced body pretending to be the representation of the alluring feminine. I suffer from cramps in my sleep trying to disengage myself from the traps of mediocrity and what an exhausting effort that can be! Easy is not always right but right is almost always never easy. To further expound on the dumb excesses of public figures or celebrities one may compare them to beautiful deceptive flowers that are pleasing to the eye yet poisonous to the touch. No one is safe from these evils, even security officials and power mongers who rise in their positions of high-level work, tend to shift and slide down the moral disintegration pool of stupid conduct and forget their true purpose. How can one person wear a million dollar ring on their finger? A finger? I could easily see that finger chopped off in a tragic accident! Ha! Then go wear that ring on your toe! Maybe your toe will be chopped off in another tragedy! But if you can put that cash into some meaningful pursuit whose dividends in return offer millions of people support and sustenance, now that would be a grand gesture! Nobody cares about your ring Kim Kardashian. Get a life.


    1. Thank you, Hans! I am sorry it took me so long to get to this comment, I am just checking my emails. I decided to change the theme and make it less gloomy : )

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