Ezine Issue 2 – The Neglected Ratio

The second issue is out and ready to read, click on this link for viewing or download: Ezine Issue 2

Our contributors in this issue are:

Stephan Anstey: hinges & knobs in a world without locksmiths, being a tom cat, Lubrication, Friction, and the Fiction of
Kindness (p. 5)

Chris Mansel:
The Rest Is Silence, Diffractions of Glen Gould, curelty or Sergi Einstein in America (for Neeli Cherkovski) (p. 6)

John Sibley
: An Intimate Cannibalism, Attempts (p. 7)

Art by Nagendra Paudyal (p. 8 )

Muhammed Riyaz
: An Ultimate Self-Analysis: A Review (p. 9)

David Cooke
: Nephomancy, Ripping the Belly of Sky (p. 10)

A. Molotkov
: On Becoming a Memory, Unchosen (p. 11)

Art by Barry Carr (p. 12 & 19)

Krishnendu Piplai:
The Kiss of Death, locus amoenus’s tragedy (p. 13)

Doctori Sadisco
: This is the Sky of my Endless Dream, The Lost Worlds (p. 14)

: By Hammer and Hand, Like a Fly in a Highball, Oversational (p. 16)

April A.
: Changes, From the Heart (p. 17)

David Alpaugh
: Fire and Light (p. 18)

Nicole Taylor
: Audience Missing, Name Falling, Nancy’s Poem (p. 20-21)

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