Issue 1 – The Neglected Ratio E-zine

Click on the link for download or viewing: Issue 1


John Grey (Poetry) p 5-6
Roger Cornish (Poetry) p 6-7
Joseph Grant (Fiction) p 8-15
Julien Edmund Moss (Poetry) p 15
Dusty Pendleton (Art) p 16
Ricky Garni (Poetry) p 17-19
Kyle Hemmings (Poetry) p 19-20
Salvatore Buttaci (Fiction) p 20-23
Sergio A. Ortiz (Photography) p 23
Stephen J. Williams (Poetry) p 24
Hugh Fox (Poetry) p 25
April A. (Poetry) p 26
Michael L. Johnson (Poetry) p 27
Muhammed Riyaz (International News Report) p 28-30

Thank you to all the contributors!

Sana Rafiq


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