Science in a Box by Mike Berger

Scientists put their facts in little boxes
and attach a bow. Science seems hard
when wrapped up in pretty boxes.

Water doesn’t boil at 212°F only at sea
level. Ninety-three million miles is the
average distance from the earth to the
sun. The third law of thermodynamics
works only in a closed box. Gravity works
here on earth but findings by cosmologists
reveal a different truth. The motion of some
satellite galaxies to our Milky Way defy
the laws of gravity.

Those hard cold scientific facts you learn
in school are really quite fuzzy. They are
all conditional. Scientists must specify the
conditions under which their facts are true.
We must always remember the facts in
scientific boxes are only half truths. Those
facts and their mathematics only answer
how do things happen. Science is impotent
to tell us why things are the way they are.

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