Summoning Leaves of Grass by Heather Ann Schmidt

I celebrate myself

during the dawn’s tears
on the soles of my feet

like when you lie under
a tree and petals fall on you
and it feels like some heaven of light
because of the aroma of lilac

and this deeply colored world.

I celebrate when my irises open up
and catch the flecks in the atmosphere
and imagine the layers of molecules
woven underneath.

I celebrate the way my muscles move
when I run, dance, walk, make love
during a thunderstorm and the sound of my heartbeat
mixes with the tandem stomping of Earth.

This rain dance, this moment, this second
that reminds me what is is to truly be alive.

I celebrate the way stars die and then the womb
of a planet begins in colors streaming, sparking
against the black.

The way the universe could be held together
by strings, by light, by chance, by the idea
that we all have ideas.

I celebrate every mistake
because it shows what true goodness can be
and all suffering because it defines my joy.

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