Voodoo by Mike Berger

I’m fascinated with voodoo though
I’m not into zombies and the walking
dead. Living gargoyles in such leave
me totally cold.

I often wonder what part of the human
psyche conjure up werewolves and
vampires. They seem to arise from
dark corners where fantasy thrives

I have a fascination in a special branch
of voodoo. It’s called modern science.
It has a cult claims to have discovered

They delude themselves into believing
their findings are real. They have
“proved” that charmed quarks really exist.
When in reality they haven’t the foggiest
idea of what’s going on at the subatomic
level. They find what they’re looking for.

What is it called if your findings depend
on how you beat on your drums. I call
it sterilized voodoo.