my laughing dying soul by peycho kanev

the impossibility of this sad world
is the impossibility of my sad laughing dying soul
to be happy, although I am surrounded by smiling
and singing faces,
and they try to put cheerful tunes in my mouth
but my heart refused them
and the suicidal seeds in my stomach
are dancing…

you can try to dress me in gold
you can try to put still born words in my pen
you can try to show me the glorious famous man
with their imposing and majestic lives
and I will laugh and maybe I will become more

pardon me for my view at the state of the world
but I just can’t allow myself different look
and in a very rare moment
when I sit alone in some dark room
I try to smile
just a little bit
but it comes out false and untrue
and I know that this is not my way
my path
my line

find yours.