I can’t feel anything by Peycho Kanev

I can’t feel anything but the dim twisted lights
and the history of the man full of lies and death and
I would like to see some perfect woman bathing under
the heavy rain like some distressed goddess
but I don’t allow myself to come close to the miracles
of this world because I know that they were created
for people with good soul and nice faces and positive
perception for Life and Art
it’s like the thing I saw the other night:
two dogs in some yard wailing at the full moon
and the Man start screaming at them to shut up

I know that soon something will come for me
to grab me in his gentle arms and caress my drying
heart and set me free from everything

I can’t feel anything
but what is that on roof across the street
something black
something shiny
grinning at me
grinning at me.